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Monday, December 12, 2005

St Marys Church

OK OK, I know it's months but.... I always did find it easier to play music than to talk about it.
Last Saturday I gigged with the City Farmers at St. Mary's Church in N16. An evening organised by the N16 magazine folk. Another belter, despite a day of car troubles and so forth. While the first band Luxury Condo were playing, I was still trying to get home from soundcheck to change but was stuck outside with a car borrowed for the evening, the starter moter spinning wildly and me trying to figure out how to open a lux Mercedes bonnet before the battery expired completely. I refused to be phased and after a quick change decided that to acheive a state of zen-like drunkeness was the only way to clear the mind and focus....... I think it worked...?
The set was well received by a good crowd (150ish?) and the forces of evil conspired only to make my pick-up fall off the guitar in one song, soon rectified by the application of Gaffa tape, surely the most potent symbol of Western technological advancement in the 20th century. So, we got through it and introduced a new song to the set along with the cover of Sunday Morning Coming Down and the old Godfathers fave, Walking talking Johnny Cash Blues for an encore.
There's something special about playing in such an old building, especially a Church and I hope there are many more events in the future.
So, cheers to everyone who organised and/or attended and don't forget to bung us your email via the website so we can let you know when we're playing next. We are hoping to announce another 'What's Cookin' date soon. Any suggestions of good places to play our kind of thing always gratefully received.


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