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Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Mad World

First the PM loans G Dubya some cannon fodder for his election campaign and then the Guardian says it might support the Lib Dems in the next election due to to the fact there is nothing discern ably socialist about the current labour government. Meanwhile we loose John Peel, a man whose show was amongst the most challenging ever on British Radio. Yes, challenging! I mean who hasn’t heard something on John Peel and thought it was the nastiest pile of crap on the airwaves? This was the natural yin to the yang of hearing the stuff that was fresh, new and exciting. Discoveries (my personal ones, that is) over the years directly attributable to JP include Kraftwerk, Eno’s Here come the warm jets, The Young Marble Giants and, like many other musicians, I can also credit him for my fist ever radio play, not ‘Lonely Man’ the Godfathers first single but a home-grown punk single with The Jermz, my first ever band.
It’s a sad loss but at least he was still a potent force, still broadcasting, still respected, still interested to the last.

Monday, October 11, 2004

Plough that furrow

Played a lovely gig with the boys back on Sep 30th at The Eye and we've been asked to headline a Saturday in January as a result. Always nice to have something to look forward to, especially in the dark days of winter.
I'll be doing the rounds getting some gigs sorted this week as the diary is almost empty now after the recent spate of activity.
I won't however, be re-starting Acousticism as planned. I found when it came to it that I didn't feel like doing the organisation required and I've been enjoying playing more gigs around different places since I stopped in June. These things tend to have a natural lifespan and that one appears to have expired. Onward and upward.
Still wrestling with ebay in the attempt to sell City Farm, particularly in the territories where there is no distribution at present. (Anywhere outside the UK!). I'll get there in the end but it must be one of the great time consuming phenomena of the noughties. I like to think I'm fairly web-savvy but I have spent hours trying to sort out a suitable listing for the album but am constantly finding that I don't have enough feedback for this or they'll need my bank details, school photo and blood group before I can make a fixed-price listing...It makes me sooooooo!
Finally decided to clear out some old flight cases that have been doing a very poor impersonation of a sofa in my front room since my days with The Godfathers. They are one of those things you think will definitely come in handy again but, in the end, you realise that even if I did fly out to do some gigs, I'm playing acoustic now and it won't fit anyway. Anyone needing to transport an electric guitar around a lot should take a look on ebay. Don't stay too long mind.......