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Saturday, September 25, 2004

Long time!

Well that's the way to do it! Create a new blog then naff off on holiday and forget (a) The Blog and (b)Username and password just to slow things down further. Ayway, there you have it. A fine week or two visiting an old chum now resident in France and straight back to it.
First was the Troubadour, a much venerated West London cafe that's been going since the 60's. Had a pleasant evenings acoustic entertainment with Al's wooden chair trick on The Truth gettin' 'em going as usual. That was last Wednesday but next it's back to the Eye (next Thursday 30th sep) for a full band affair.
I always enjoy these, mainly 'cos the band are so darned good. Just one of those things, we gelled from the word go. It's a freebie too so, if your in the area or fancy hoppin' on a 73 bus, we'll see you there!


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